Random J originals: Yo, Utada. THESE are the ones

I knocked up some cover designs for Utada's This is the one, because the original sucked. The image itself was a stunning shot of Hikaru. But the placement of the font and how old and whored out the image was before it was made an album cover just ruined the whole thing. So I designed these 4, just for you fans!

'This is the one' album art #2: Click here to view it in HQ
'This is the one' album art #3: Click here to view it in HQ 'This is the one' album art #4: Click here to view it in HQ

Those of you with iPod Touches or Nano's: feel free to download these, and set them as your This is the one album artwork in iTunes if you prefer any of these to the official artwork.

I decided to add the fourth because not only is it a great shot of Hikaru, but it keeps in line with the majority of the album arts for her Japanese releases: textless, with a close up of her face.


  1. The top and bottom right are my favorites. The top left is also great. But something's not right with the bottom left. She looks pregnant. Or like she's got a stomach ache.

  2. The top left one is EXACTLY what I had in mind when the whole 'what will the album cover be?' thing was going on, spooky! O_O

    Nice work J - if you done a J special album (like you did with the Janet Jackson album) I hope you use one of these as they all look great :D

  3. I love the top left and bottom right covers ^^
    They seriously could have did without that crappy font on the original cover. Looks 10x better without it.


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