Son Dam Bi rocks her shit in a tutu

Son Dam Bi hit up SBS's InkiGayo to perform her outdated sounding 'come back' single "On a Saturday night".

Son Dam Bi is still try'na hustle this 80's Korean karaoke reject tune?! She needs to stop. She should also have words with her stylist. Her look was on point in the music video and her last performance, but shit clearly went wrong here. Who in their right mind thought shoving her in a black tutu would look nice!? I'm no fashion expert. But I'm sure a nice pair of black skinny jeans or some leggings would've sufficed instead of a tutu. Because everything else Som Dam Bi was rocking looked sexy.

"On a Saturday night" would've been hot if an 80's chick with electro-pop swagger like Tommy february6 hopped on it. But Son Dam Bi has as much energy as a dead duracell. And as a result, the song flat lines. Plus, the beat has NO kick. It's too tinny.

Son Dam Bi would get a pounding though. She's fine. Tutu or no tutu.


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