Spotlight: MiChi

MiChi was born in good ol' England to a British father and a Japanese mother, which explains her "Is she Japanese? She has a different look about her" facial features. She moved to Japan at the age of 2, but then relocated back to the UK during her late teens, which is when she decided to pursue a career in music. She can speak fluent english, which she interchanges between in her music (as most Japanese artists do).

MiChi's style is very pop / rock orientated. Taking on a very Dr. Luke-esque sound. Think along the lines of Avril Lavinge, Kelly Clarkson and P!nk without the angst, and you'll get some kind of idea of what to expect from her.

MiChi is currently signed to Sony music and is already 3 singles deep, which means she's due an album release later this year. Unless of course something goes horridly wrong or Sony decide to keep plugging singles until she nabs a hit on the Oricon charts.

Listen: Promise

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MiChi formally debuted with the single "Promise". The song featured in Japanese phone operator au by KDDI's commercials in late 2008, which helped expose MiChi and garner public interest in her.

I am so in love with "Promise". I just love how upbeat the song is. I especially love the lead into the chorus where MiChi's voice is distorted and the synths and the guitars come in. If she recorded this in english she could have a hit in the West with this easily.

I'm already stanning for MiChi and cannot wait to hear her debut album. Sony Japan have a habit of not promoting their acts as extensively as they should, even when they have a really hot single set to drop. Just ask Crystal Kay and Sowelu.

MiChi's homes on the web: Official website | Official blog


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