'This is the one' US tracklisting (with added awesome!)

Utada - This is the oneDef Jam have been messing up with Hikaru Utada's latest release. With the bullshit album cover, not pushing her promotion enough, and with there being no second single on the horizon and the push back the physical release date of the album. But amongst the bullshit, Def Jam's managed to do something right. They've revised the US track list for its physical release. Tell me if you spot anything new.

1. On and on
2. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - FYI
3. Apple and cinnamon
4. Taking my money back
5. This one (Crying like a child)
6. Automatic part II
7. Dirty desire
8. Poppin'
9. Come back to me
10. Me muero
11. Simple and clean
12. Sanctuary (Opening)
13. Sanctuary (Closing)

A solid album just got made even better!! I'm not personally fussed about "Sanctuary", because I much prefer "Passion". Her vocal game on "Sanctuary" is weak compared it on "Passion". It's like she recorded the song in one take and couldn't be bothered to go back into the booth to do the backing vocals. I would've liked the PlanitB remix of "Simple & clean" to be included too, as its sound runs in line with what is popular on radio right now. I always preferred the PlanitB remix to the original for quite some time. It was only when I bought Hikaru's Deep river album and used to play during bed times that I grew to love it more. But I guess the remix would throw the sound of the album off just a little. Especially if it was just stuck on the end.

To push Hikaru Utada even further, Def Jam should've had her shoot a video for "Simple and clean" and put it on iTunes. It's not like it'd take her long. All she has to do is wash a dish.

This new track listing is a nice surprise. Especially for those who held off of importing the Japanese version of the album. Though if you own Ultra blue and Deep river and preferred "Hikari" and "Passion" to their English counterparts (my hand is raised), you're not missing much. But this is still a cool bonus and makes a decent album even more decent.

Now if only people would actually buy the album and Def Jam would put out "Apple and cinnamon" as a single...

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  1. I was happy with the new tracklist too. I'm hoping the UK release will have the new bonus tracks too, I would happily buy the UK version for the tracks as I'd love to hear the Sancutary slow version without Donald and Goofy talking over it ;-)

    Btw, I came across this song, the video content won't interest you but see if you recongise the melody...it was used in a song you've expressed fondness over...

  2. Whoo, KH music FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I knew I was waiting to get the US psychical release for good reason! :D

  3. Holy crap, I just had a realization, is the "Sanctuary Closing" the After the Battle version?!?! If so, HELL YES!!! I've never been able to find the english version without being ripped directly from the ending of the game.

  4. OMG yaaaaaay xD
    Maybe this will make KH lovers buy the album lol
    I was hoping for this, but I didn't think it would really happen! I can't wait to buy this now! "FYI" is still on repeat and yes, "Apple and Cinnamon" as the next single prz <3

  5. I don't know, this new track listing is ok but it really doesn't do anything for me. I like those songs well enough (I also think Passion is much better than Sanctuary) but so what. I didn't get into her through her game music so these songs don't hold any special meaning for me. There are other songs I would have preferred to hear instead of these two.


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