2NE1 bring sexy back with another "Fire" performance

Them 2NE1 girls are STILL grindin' on with their "Fire" single. They've performed it an amount of times that I'd deem 'too many'. But this here performance had to be spotlighted because it's notably different from the others: the girls aren't dressed like a Uni-Qlo and American apparel store threw up on them and then jizzed in their faces.

I love these girls. Well...Minzy and CL anyway. Their swagger just keeps making the other 2 chicks look like sideline hoes. Not only were they looking the hottest, but were moving the hottest too. When Minzy went down and did the splits in them heels, I was like "Wow!!" Minzy try bring the sex up in hurrrr! And the swag CL has when she strikes poses... Dara and Bom need to be taking some notes.

This is the most polished 2NE1's image has looked since they debuted. Their overly colourful outfits are aight...but it often looks like they're trying way too hard. But this slick, dark sexy style does them wonders. They all looked fly except for Dara, who was wearing that shame shit she rocked in the space version of their music video. She didn't even look like she was part of the same group with that feathered boa around her. She should've thrown that shit into the crowd the second the song started. Otherwise, the girls looked H O to the T!

The performance was decent. Never a dull moment. Even Dara and Bom stepped up their game a little. But the 2NE1 girls are starting to look a little tired and drained. Somebody give these girls a break from performing "Fire". Even if it's just for a day.

Watch 'em: 2NE1's music videos for "Fire" | 2NE1's debut performance of "Fire"


  1. There's a more recent performance of theirs on the 14th:


    By the way, just to tell you on the 18th both 2NE1 and 4minute will be on Mnet!Countdown.

  2. I know, but I liked this performance better and posted it because they were rocking the space themed outfits instead.


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