2NE1 dim the "Fire"

2NE1 took to the stage AGAIN to give yet another performance of their big ol' hit song "Fire". This marks their last major performance of the song before they start to promote their next release "I don't care". Those of you who've checked for 2NE1 since "Fire" dropped, you'll will know what to expect in this performance. Minzy and CL swaggin' non stop, Bom looking fine, Dara looking cute and a performance that 4 minute and the SNSD-bots need to be taking notes from. Also, peep Bom's first shot at the very start. SEXY BITCH!!

Based on the street versions of 2NE1's performances of "Fire" you'd never peg CL as the sauciest member, but I think she is. Out of all the girls in the group, she's the one who seems to work her physicality to show the sexy the most. Just watch how she struts, pulls poses, kicks her legs and pokes out the booty. I love the girl! So much swagger. You already know how I feel about Minzy. Too much swagger for a 15 year old girl.

Bom looked hot, but again, she looked so bored and stiff. Dara's moves were clean and sharp as always, but she just lacks that 'wow' factor that CL and Minzy has.

Can't wait for the new single and music video. I'm hoping it's either more "Fire" or something new, and not in the same vein as "Lollipop" which I hated.


  1. Aww, no more Fire! ¬_¬

    I can't wait for the next song "I Don't Care" which is supposed to be an reggae R&B ballad though, hey Random J, have you heard the preview fancam? Here's the link:


    Don't you think the beat sounds like The Lonely Island feat Justin Timberlake's Mother Lover even though the music is dim?


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