2NE1 do "Umbrella"

The 2NE1 girls clearly have a think for The Forehead, having covered her songs on more than a few occasions - much to fans delight. So it's only natural they perform on her biggest hits on stage. It's a nice break from "Fire", which I could probably sing it perfect Korean and dance every step to the routine I've heard and seen performances of it so many times.

I love 2NE1, but this performance was a mess. They sounded like shit. Each and every one of them. I'm sure with this performance that the girls have realized that semi-singing and rapping a song like "Fire" whilst doing pretty rigorous choreography, and actually singing properly whilst doing choreography are 2 different things. Their vocals were all over the place, only Dara sounded stable, but she was barely singing anyway and sounded flat. Their enunciation was off, but it was cute. I loved how Minzy sounded like a Jamaican, with her "C'yuz baybee in the dark, you c'yan't see shiny c'yaaaar!"

The girls looked nice though. They should definitely keep on with the sexy attire. I don't mind the odd bit of denim, some hi-tops and the occasional funky t-shirt. But they don't need to go so overboard with it all the time.

Also, did you peep the Michael Jackson badges they were wearing?


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