2NE1 "Take a bow" live on air

2NE1 recently hit up a radio show where they gave a live rendition of Rihanna's "Take a bow", and they did a great job. Not that the song is hard to sing mind you. But none-the-less, 2 of the girls managed to suck so badly that a part of Ne-Yo's soul probabaly died. He felt it, but didn't know why. But we do...

Minzy and CL's singing talents aren't something that is showcased on 2NE1's debut song "Fire", so I was surprised to hear that they sounded this good. I especially liked CL telling her man to run before the "sprinkles come on". Obviously CL has death sprinkles up in her kitchen that she either feeds or throws at n***a's that do her wrong. It's a damn shame about Bom and Dara though. They dragged this performance down. Bom has a decent voice on her, but she tries too hard. And the harder she tries, the more control she seems to lose of her voice. She definitely didn't have the same amount of control in this performance that CL and Minzy clearly had over theirs. Dara shouldn't have been allowed to sing because she sounded dead. I mean like a Dodo. It's no wonder her verses in "Fire" are auto-tuned and pitch corrected. Dara couldn't have gotten any more flat if she ran back in front of the bus that Minzy and CL sang her under.

Another reason for me to love Minzy and CL more. Because not only is their stage swagger trampling Deadpan-Dara and Boring-Bom, but so is their vocal game.

Also, didn't you think CL sounded MAD like The Forehead when she started her verse?


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