The 3rd single off of the 'BoA' album will be...

"Energetic". BoA will be releasing this song as her 3rd single from her rubbish English language debut, because you her first endeavour with Sean Garrett did SO well chart wise.

"Energetic" has grown on me a little since I first heard it, but I still don't think it's single material. It's sound way too messy and all over the place to be a single. The production could always be tightened for the single release, but I doubt it.

"Energetic" does not showcase BoA at all. As with "I did it for love" BoA is so auto-tuned and smothered by Sean Garrett's vocals that she barely comes through at all. The song would better if it were an instrumental. Because the beat on the chorus is actually kinda hot. If BoA wants to make an impact, she needs to either do a sex tape, whip out a titty live on telly on a Sunday afternoon or release a song that is decent and doesn't sounds like it sung by Stephen Hawkins. It should also have featuring Sean Garrett, because n***a is all over the song.

BoA chants "Report to the danceflooooorr!" every 1 minute like she's got the hottest club jam ever. How about she reports to America and promotes her damn shit first. Now THERE's a plan. Is there any point in BoA releasing this now? How can she expect it to go the distance when she's barely promoting her English language debut!? She mentioned during her post VMA Japan interview that she was releasing the song next, but I didn't even catch that. BoA bored me so much I didn't watch the whole interview. Serves me right really. But I'm sure I wasn't the only one. SM entertainment need to hire somebody else to manage BoA's career where her US debut is concerned. Because whoever is handling it now, is doing the best worst job ever. "Did ya" should be rolled out as the hot mid year Summer single. With "Obsessed" doing rounds for September. If BoA shot hot videos and actually spent more than 2 days in the US to actually promote her album, she could have a shot.

"Energetic"'s video was shot within the first week of June. Which means we'll probably get a preview of it hit the web in July, with the full video touching down in September. We know how it goes already. By the time the video drops, nobody will even care.

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  1. SM is actually considering this her fourth, since "Look Who's Talking" was performed as a single, but never released >.<

  2. I think Touched or Hypontic Dancefloor is better to release. Those songs are more addictive in my case.

    I wonder if SM will send her back to Korea at least.

  3. "Look who's talking" is really, REALLY old though. BoA was performing that alongside "Eat you up" when she was trying to push that as a single. The song is doo-doo. She shouldn't bother with that as a single. Her english in it shounds really bad, plus its just a crap song. The only thing that could help push that as a single is if SM start putting it out there as "The new single by BoA, written by Britney Spears and the team behind Blackout" and she promotes the HELL out of it, which means she'd actually have to spend more than 2 days in the US.

  4. If they use the remix that she performed yesterday in SF, then it should be an OK song. It's better than the original.


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