Adam and that gay shit on 20 / 20

Adam appeared on 20 / 20 to talk about him being gay. The way the interview is structured you'd think somebody died or that Adam was outed and cast from a village or some shit. I couldn't sit through the whole interview because I found it a little boring, uncomfortable and unecessary.

I think this whole interview was a complete joke. Why dedicate a whole segment to the dudes sexuality and grill him on it. He's gay. We know he is. It was the worst keep secret that was never a secret in the first place. Let's keep it moving.

I kinda wish Adam hadn't done this interview, because it wasn't really anything that needed to be addressed. Why is Adam being gay is a big deal? I mean c'mon. How could you not know!? I know you should never pigeon hole based on a stereptype. But most people most've clocked he was gay from day one. The voice, the look, the theatrics. 'Course he's gay!

As for why he didn't feel the need to declare he was gay. Why should he? Would a muslim Idol contestant need to openly declare their faith? Would a mixed race person need to declare whether they're white, black and to which ratio? It's a joke. Everybody is going on like his sexuality is a big deal. It's almost like America wanted blood, sweat and tears from him on American idol and like vultures, they now just want more. It's kinda sad.

Let's get some interviews on where he's going musically and what the future holds, and stop on this gay bullshit. Adam Lambert is a talent. Let that be highlighted a bit more.


  1. Amen brother! Dude is an immense talent and I can't wait to see what he's cooked up with RedOne and other producers. With his voice, he should have a crazy good album.

    And if anybody was shocked by the fact that he is gay, they need to be slapped upside the head.


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