Adam Lambert and RedOne hit the studio

I put Adam in a similar bracket to Lady Gaga in a previous post, and he ends up in the studio with the dude who helped her define her sound and his own in the process!

RedOne is a much more versatile producer than his popular singles would have you believe. Those of you who have heard Brandy's Human album will know of the song "True". The same man that produced "True" also produced Lady Gaga's "Poker face". Kinda hard to believe isn't it!? Adam needs to call Danja. I know I say that with every artist I mention who is recording an album. But his work on Duran Duran's Red carpet massacre was proof that he can pull of that big, hot 80's sound with a rock 'n contemporary twist that I think Adam is going for with his debut.

Adam Lambert is in a really cool position. Him not only having a great voice, but being gay means songwriters can break the conventions a little. He can stray from the old: girl I love you, leave that dude, you're the only one in my life crap and start straddling some new lines. He can't put out songs about wanting to bend it over for his man, or put mouth over some glory holes in the back of a club. But the songwriters can play with Adam's sexuality a little. Give him a song about telling a girl to check her man because he keeps checking him out. Or drop a song called "You're like a girl" about a guy who is just like a girl. Something quirky, funny, off hand, clean and a little controversial that other hetero male singers wouldn't sing about, but the whole world can dance to without wanting to boycott his CD.

He can't be too full on with the guy-on-guy lyrics though. Target demographic issues for one. Plus the age old double standards. Because whilst Katy Perry caught a hit about kissing a girl and t.A.T.u caught hits because of their lesbonic antics in their videos - no guy could do that shit today and not receive some serious backlash.


  1. Can't wait to see what he's got in store! Shit should be crazy. And I agree, Adam's not going to have as much inhibitions as other dudes would, and I think that's a good thing.

    The fact that RedOne also produced "True" makes me really happy. Because while Adam is mainly going to stick to the rock/pop sound, the dude can also sing a ballad like no other dude in the game. I can't wait for the leak of his "Official" first single later this fall to see what he's going to do.


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