Adam Lambert sexes it up for Rolling stone

Adam sexes it up for Rolling stone
Dude didn't even win American Idol, yet he's graces Rolling stone magazine!

That boring arse Kris may have won, but Adam will be the one who goes the distance. He has star quality. There's just more to him. I've not watched a single episode of the 8th season of American idol. I've not even heard Adam sing. Yet I know he's in it for the long run. Just because whenever anybody mentioned American idol, his name always came up.

Aside from the talent, there's something rough and dirty about Adam. You just know his debut video is going to be some Jonas Ã…kerlund or David LaChapelle directed trip; with lots of mascara, goth hair do's, titties, midgets, freaks, with some guy-on-guy and girl-on-girl action. He'll probably roll out like the male equivalent of Lady Gaga. Just as camp, only not as weird in interviews and better looking.

Sometimes not winning these talent shows is the best thing. I mean, look at Jennifer Hudson. She didn't win American Idol and I needn't go into what transpired fo rher years later. Then you have Elliott Yamin, who has put out much better records than Taylor Hicks. And even to a lesser extent Katharine McPhee: whose debut album shitted all over Taylor's and Elliott's. Not winning means you're not tied to uphold that wholesome, boring American idol image. It's easier to shift it.

I won't front with you. Dude looks hot on this cover. I actually think it's one of the better Rolling stone covers to drop in a good few months. They've all been pretty whack lately.


  1. Dude's got MAD talent. It's kind of ridiculous he had to even be on the show. But that's show business for ya. He's seriously one of the best male voices I've ever heard.

    And yes, already on the cover of Rolling Stone and he didn't win and his album aint even out yet. He's going to be huge.

  2. Adam is AMAZING!!!

  3. Speaking of Lady Gaga, I'm hearing Adam is working with RedOne in the studio.


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