Asher Roth does "Boom Boom Pow"

Here in the UK, we get a cool thing from BBC radio 1 called Live lounge sessions. This is where artists get holed up in Abbey road studios (if you don't know the significance of Abbey road studios, then SHAME on you) to perform songs live. Artists can perform whatever they like. They're free to perform their own songs, but Live lounge has become well known for artists covering other artists songs. You tend to get some really unlikely covers from unlikely artists and the results are usually really cool.

Asher Roth hit up the Live lounge to do his own version of "Boom Boom Pow". And it sucks. It sucks so hard, that on of my balls tightened up the very first time I heard the abomination.

I like Asher Roth, but that right there was just a mess. Asher looked bored stiff and was reading lyrics off of his phone; and whack lyrics at that. Everybody was on their A-game except Asher himself. The DJ was goin' nuts with the scratching, the dude on the drums was awesome and the guy who sang Fergie's part was just funny.

I gotta give it to Asher though. I takes real skill (or a lack of it) to go and make a song as bad as "Boom Boom Pow" even worse than it originally was.


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