Boys' generation swag it "Gee" style on stage

Them dudes did the damn thing with this song. Well... Shindong from Super Junior sounded like doo-doo on a plate. But he's a fat man with swagger, and the performance was so fun that it hardly ruined it or felt like a bum note was hit.

This shit was better than any performance I've seen of the SNSD-bots doing it themselves. The dudes were working it OUT! The only thing I didn't like about the performance was when the girls came out themselves to finish the song. I don't care if the song is theirs, they should've known to keep their under-fed arses on a seat and let grown men handle they business.

This performance was way hotter than it should've been. I feel almost dirty for liking it as much as I do. They need to hit a studio and record this shit. I'd sure as hell cop it.


  1. LMAO! those boys from 2PM were my favorites. They looked like they were trying to retain some manliness but it was not working. Cute.

    Also, JoKwon (yellow pants) is fierce as hell! He should just join SNSD and liven up the group. He can replace Yoona, who obviously is half dead.

  2. I know! When Jay worked the waist and the leg during his verse, manliness flew out the window and broke its neck. *lol*

    The dude in the yellow pants was not messin'. I couldn't stop laughing during his sections. It's a shame he didn't get more air time. But the air time he did get, he milked!

    These guys need to do "Genie". It'd help inject more life into that song, 'cause we all know as hot as the song is: it's lacking in energy.

  3. 2PM were the best and they only gave Key a tiny part in it. ¬_¬

    Oh well, 2PM were funny for me!


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