Ciara sizzles at Britney's gig

Ciara ensuring every man in the crowd believes in love, sex and magic.
Ciara couldn't keep a lid on the hotness if she tried! It's a shame her album ain't as hot as he looks. But she's working with it. Ciara's opening for Britney during her UK leg of her Circus tour. And she probably put on a much better performance in 10 minutes than Britney did in an hour. Doing all of the things that Britney can't seem to do right now. Like sing at least one line of a song live, look engaging and take it there with the dancing.

Several of my friends have been to see Britney live at the o2 and have said Ciara was awesome. Ciara's been giving some hot live performances of "Love Sex Magic" since Fantasy ride dropped. It's just a damn shame her album isn't as hot as she is.


  1. That kind of embarrassing that the opening act is hotter than the main show.

    Ciara is the definition of sex. I can only imagine how she works it between the sheets!

  2. The thing is though, is that whilst Ciara does the live singing and dancing Britney can't be bothered to, and has gotten rave reviews; my friends who've been to see Britney (and also reviews on logs and websites) have said Britney's Circus show is amazing due to the shit that goes on around her. She goes ALL out to detract from her lack of singing and dancing. Fire breathing, pyrotechnics, freaks, midgets, lots of lights and all that jazz.

    I wouldn't mind going to see her, but I wouldn't pay to. Maybe if her peoples wanna hit me up with some free tickets. *wink wink nudge nudge*

  3. Oh no doubt the sets are amazing. I wouldn't expect any less with her, and because of the fact it's the "Circus" tour. She best have all the distractions she can get.

    I might not pay to see Britney live, but I WOULD pay to see Ciara live. That would be ridiculous. It'd be awesome if she pulled a Janet and took somebody, preferably ME, on stage and did things to them. <_<


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