Ciara works it out

Ciara and her fine self up in the 'Work' video
Bitch had better wurrrk for this video! I want to see her popping, locking and dropping for the full 4 minutes and 7 seconds that the song goes on for like her career depends on it. She already looks to have the look on lock, she better no disappoint with the dancing. "Work" deserves the baddest routine. I can already see gay dudes re-inacting parts of this video on YouTube. Donning wife beaters, safety goggles and ripped hot pant jeans as they do the splits and thrash their imaginary long ponytails.

"Work" is my jam. I've played the consistently since the second version leaked last year. The song has mad potential. It is radio friendly and will get people acting stupid in the club. So I hope Ciara comes correct with this video and really pushes this song.

Ciara just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Her look is just too sexy. She's run that ponytail hair style into the ground now. But it's all good! It's sumthin' to hold onto when that booty is getting tapped from behi- Okay, I'm going to stop now.


  1. Yeah, I love the song too, it's amazing. By the way, how did you do your background and whole website, it's amazing!

  2. There are parts of the video where the song is too serious... like, you just want Ciara to dance like a wackjob, but she doesn't. Danja created a track that dancers are going to have fun with. I can imagine people trying to go harder than the beat, and not quite being able to.


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