Eminem fakes it with Brüno

Funny it was. Genuine it wasn't. Some miscellaneous person from MTV confirmed what many were wandering: that the whole thing was staged and that Eminem and his D12 boys were indeed in on the joke. Dudes got some acting chops. I see that 8 mile game is still running with him.

I really want to see the Brüno film. It looks so wrong, but really funny. As for Eminem's Relapse, I've still not heard it. I keep hearing mixed things about it. I'm not liking the singles so far, but will check it out at some point.


  1. Not surprised it was staged. It worked out all too perfect for it not to be. But I was DYIN' when I first saw this.

  2. Em just admitted it as well. He said after he stormed out, he went back to his hotel room and laughed for hours, lol.


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