Fugs and the Forehead

Fugs and The Forehead kick it together at The Black eyed peas album launch party
I'd pay this girl £13 to sit in the corner of my living room whilst the IMAX reel of Star Trek is projected onto her forehead. Look at it. It's MASSIVE! I swear it's gotten bigger since Chris went upside it. She looks hot though. The forehead has really sexy eyes and she has a cute smile. But she needs to work some bangs, a head scarf or a large hat to cover that forehead. It's nice she's embracing it, but there needs to be some boundaries. She can't be leaving it rawly exposed like that.

I'm also surprised at how Fugly Ferg is looking in this picture. Her body has always been BANGIN'!! Toned, but not overly toned, and a nice set of titties. But the face has always turned me off. She usually looks like Chucky from Child's play with a weave. But she looks really nice here, and has been looking pretty on point as of late. I'm not sure what it is about her right now, but I'm digging her. She saves a lot of the songs on The Black eyed peas The E.N.D album, where-as I hated her on songs songs from Elephunk and Monkey business. Plus, even though I didn't have time for her solo debut, I'm wanting another album from her. Go Ferg!!


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