Gaga's debut Korean performance

Lady Gaga took to Korea for her first performance there on the music show MNet. Those of you who have been checking Lady Gaga's very recent string of performances will know the deal here. She performed the now super old "Just dance". And I swear I'm so used to hearing the taken down version of the song, that's it's weird to me when I hear it in its original key.

This was better than her dusty performance on Music station in Japan, but not much better. She really does look more tired and haggerred in the face than usual. She tried the old trick of caking her face in make up and having so much mascara on her eyes that she looked like she went 4 rounds with Chris Brown. But there's no hiding it. Lady Gaga looks mad tired, and needs a rest. When she can't even be bothered to thrust her pussy out into the crowd and stick out her leg to show that she shaves, you know something is wrong with her. It seems she took my advice on the wig though and rocked the bob. She does look much better with it.

It's great that Korea gave her such a hot reception. People in the crowd we singing along word for word, which was cool and kinda sweet. But its just a shame that Asia isn't getting to see Lady Gaga on better form. Because when she's on form, she's electric. And whilst these performances are okay, they aren't a true representation of how Gaga can bring it.

Luckily for the Asian fans (and also Gaga) there's YouTube. So fans can catch up on what a hot Gaga performance looks like. Cause this right here certainly wasn't one.

Watch Gaga perform in Japan: Gaga performs "Just dance" on Music station


  1. I think it was slightly better because compared to in Japan, she had fans watching her.

    And in one part, a fan was wearing a blonde wig just like Lady Gaga. ¬_¬


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