Music: DJ Makidai featuring Thelma Aoyama - Dreamlover

Thelma is a brave bitch. Something you do not do is cover a classic from a chick who can (or could) belt like Mariah. But she did an alright job. Thelma's version just about works because she has a nice enough voice to carry the song off. And whilst "Dreamlover" is a Mariah classic, it's a song that many a chick could cover and do reasonably well - regardless of their vocal range. Unlike say "Hero", "One sweet day" or "Never too far" - songs you stay away from unless you've got some serious pipes and a good voice on you.

Thelma's vocals aren't as powerful as Mariah's were on the original. But she sounded nice and the arrangements were kept so faithful to the original that her version doesn't completely suck. Mariah's is still king though.

This version of "Dreamlover" is taken from DJ Makidai's album Treasure mix 2. Makidai is from the 14 piece Japanese boy band EXILE (hardcore gamers and Street Fighter fans may have heard of EXILE, as they sing the theme song to Street Fighter IV) and Thelma is a young solo artist signed to Sony.


  1. I was never a big fan of Thelma. She always put me to sleep when I watched her videos. But I have to admit I kinda liked this remix.

    But no one beats classic old school Mariah. Too bad Mariah herself is in no way fit to sing her own songs either.


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