Music video: 4 minute - Hot issue

It is raining girl groups in Korea. Literally! JYP's subsidiary Cube entertainment have gone and put out another girl group set to be the next big thing called 4 minute. Peeps within JYP are clearly starting to develop a thing for time.

4 minute's is about as much air time as these girls should be given. The song "Hot issue" is terrible. Did anybody think the opening hook sounded like BoA was singing it!? And did they just jack the break section to The Black eyed peas "My humps"?

4 minute's look comes off like a cuter version of 2NE1's - f**k bubble gum and candy floss. I want edgy with only hints of cute. The music video also looks like it was jacked from 2NE1's space version music video for their debut "Fire", and it even looks like they went and jacked a little of Madonna's "4 minutes" music video too. Granted: videos with lots of flashing lights and space themes isn't new under the sun. Missy Elliott and TLC amongst many others did it years ago with "She's a bitch" and "No scrubs" thanks to the visionary man Hype Williams. But for JYP to come with a video that looks so similar to 2NE1's so soon after they dropped theirs - you can't help but draw immediate comparisons.

I'll take 2NE1 over these girls any day of the week. They lack swagger and judging from the dusty moves in this video, Girls' generation could probably dance these girls under a truck. 4 minute move like a group of Dara and Bom's. Dead pan. No swagger. Dry. Boring. Sleep inducing. You'd think ex-Wonder girl Hyuna would move like she's glad to have a second chance. But nope. She and her girls hit 0 on the swagger scale.

I have a bit of a nasty taste in my mouth right now, because I actually prefer the SNSD-bots to 4 minute. Yes. I gasped myself! I will give these girls another chance. Their next single may be better - which means they have another 4 minutes on the clock to impress me.

I do tend to hate most of the music that comes out of JYP entertainment though. The dude picks good looking folk to roll out as solo artists and groups. But the music he gives them most of the time sucks. The only songs to come of JYP that I genuinely liked have been Wonder girls "Nobody" and 2PM's "Again and again".


  1. Oh? Guess you don't like them much.

    Well, it's your opinion anyways. ^_^

  2. I think they're boring. I prefer 2NE1 and even Girls' generation to these girls.

    2NE1 are my fave out of these korean girl groups right now. I borderline stan for Minzy and CL.

  3. But K-pop groups style change variously like SNSD are doing a Marine concept for their new single, Gee and 2NE1 has a mini-album in July called Sugar that we may see them change their image.

    4minute might do the same too, we'll just have to wait + see.

    I personally only like Wonder Girls, 2NE1, After School + 4minute in the K-Pop industry. Who else do you like?

  4. I agree with J. The girls are just not that great and don't leave a lasting impression at all with song. No one stands out (except for the possibility of the girl in shades) and the song is basically a more irritating version of the Wonder Girls' So Hot song. The girls' voices are also painfully high pitched and cutesy. And basically with 2ne1 and Afterschool on the scene nothing new is brought to the table by 4minute.

    With 2ne1 causing waves with their style and unique look, and SNSD getting ready for a comeback, I can see 4minute being forgotten. They should roll out with a new song quick.

    I'm looking forward to SNSD's comeback. They seem to be maturing with their music ever so slowly. Gee was as catchy as hell!

  5. 4minute is part of cube entertainment now, which isn't a part of JYP, right?

    JYP wouldn't put out crappy stuff like hot issue.


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