Music video: David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland - When love takes over

I don't like the song at all. But Kelly looks friggin' amazing in the video! And the whole underwater in the dress scene: Kelly did it better than the Beyondroid did in "Halo". There, I said it. Can you believe the same dude that directed Lady GaGa's "Paparazzi" video, did this too? Nope. Me neither. Talk about completely switching gears.

Kelly's always been pretty hot. But she really stepped up her look game from Destiny fulfilled onwards. Kelly was damn near killing the Beyondroid during that period. All of their videos from that album, my eyes were on Kelly. I just wanted to smother my face in that curly weave.

Not sure what's going on with Kelly and new material, as she doesn't have a record label at the moment; having severed ties with both Beyonce's father and Columbia records. So where she ends up is dependant on how well this house rubbish does. I'm hoping she doesn't go with this sound for her next studio album, because I would not be feeling it at all. I hope she does put out a new studio album soon, because Ms. Kelly was a hot album. In my opinion, I think Kelly's solo efforts shit all over the Beyondroid's. Ms. Kelly is better than all 3 of the B'droid's solo albums combined. Hopefully she'll land a good deal and work on an album soon.


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