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Crystal Kay's 10th anniversary in the music game
I hereby wish Crystal Kay a very Happy 10th anniversary!! Crystal isn't celebrating a marriage anniversary (Thank God! I swear, I'll shoot a punk in the leg if he tries to move to Crystal!!) But instead, 10 years in the music game. Gotta clap that up people. Not many folk can say they've lasted 10 years in the music game and that they're still on the rise. Crystal should've sold way more albums than she has and had a great deal more success. But at least she's still around, with no sign of being dropped anytime soon.

We should hopefully find out real soon whether Crystal will release a BEST compilation to commemorate her career milestone, or whether she'll put out an all new studio album. I love Color change!, but it wasn't the album I was hoping for. Especially after she blew me away with All yours which was just hotness from start to finish, and is one of my favourite albums...PERIOD! I need new Crystal in my life. She's been hitting the studio on a regular basis over the past 6 months, so something's a-brewin...

I won't be mad at a BEST compilation. After all...she is due one about now. I'm shocked she's gone so long without one already. Chicks like Kumi Koda drop BEST compilations after every studio album. As long as I get "Over and over", I'm happy. I NEED that song in high quality. It's fire. It shits all over the 'BoA outshines Crystal' single "Girlfriend".

Congrats on the milestone Crystal! Here's to another 10.


  1. Wow, 10 years, congrats to CK!

  2. You know I love CK! Her CK5 was one of the first JPOP albums I owned and loved because homegirl was so different in comparison to other JPOP acts! But seriously she needs to drop Over and Over and a new album.

  3. Worrrrrrrrrd! :P

    I need CD quality "Over and over" in my LIFE! I'm not even caring about the double A-side. I just want "Over and over" NOW! I can't believe she just played it on her little radio show and that was it. Like it was some 4 year old throwaway B-side.

  4. CK!!!! Thanks, J, for making me a fan. I remember reading one of your reviews 2 days before her album Color change came out, then waking up in the middle of the night and DL'ing her 2006 and 2007 albums. That shit blew my mind. I was (and remain) in love. She sounds like an angel (who I can't understand half the time). Just lovely.

    And, I'm still waiting for "Hold on". That damn movie (Dolan's cadillac) is never coming out!!! But, I listen to David Archuleta's "My hands" and pretend that it's the CK song. Don't ask why, just try it.

    Those Japanese need to get familiar with the Germans. Shit, they got computer nerds up the wazoo, and none of them are interested in hacking Sony music japan for some CK songs? Unbelievable.

    And, where's this "Over and over" song?

  5. lol I just remembered that "Over and over" was the song I wasn't feeling. =X


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