The SNSD-bots grant wishes on music bank

The SNSD-bots performed their single "Tell me your wish (Genie)" at Music bank. The whole thing was like the music video. Except for the lack of pink, scenes from a soft core porno flick and with additional shaky vocals. And then you also get the obligatory Music bank sound of a crowd shouting at the end of each line of the song. Wonderful. Cue skinny girls in military outfits and heels!

This performance was as dry as the music video. These girls just have no sass or energy about them. And the girls' that do, are just pushed into the background. For such a fun and carefree song, the girls witht he lead vocals sure looked serious. Tiffany looked like she'd had a smile ba enforced on her, and Taeyeon was up in that performance like she's some number 1 diva. At the 2:54 mark she was watching Yoona like "Bitch. You best not kick me, and you best sing quieter so my ass can shine!"

I laughed my ARSE off at that ending. The girls all tried to strike poses and go into a formation for the finale, but it looked a mess. It looked like a couple of the girls got shoved into the middle during all the fanga snappin' and vogues, and somebody dropped a microphone at the end, because I just heard "POOOOM!!" as the music stopped.

Boys' generation... Please cover this song and once again show these girls' how stage swagger should go down!! You know the fangirls (and fanboys) would go crazy for any chance to see some of the lads of 2PM, 2AM, Super Junior and ShinHEE rock a military outfit. It'd be like a Korean re-imagining of Top gun with added laughs and added sexy.


  1. When they did that leg thing, I really thought their legs were going to fall off. ¬_¬


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