Playa, what were you thinking!? Steppin' out looking a mess in London.
N***a, no. No, no, NO! I usually dig will.i.am's style. He's out there and wild, but he carries it off. But this ensemble needs to be kicked to the curb and left there. He looks like a back up dancer from Michael Jackson's "Beat it" video.

This shit is cool if you're blind, going to an 80's themed house party, you're gay, you're about to hop into a time machine and go back to the year 1982 or you're white. Otherwise, it's not a good look.

The jacket, the jeans and the boots themsleves aren't bad. But all put together, and rocked how Will's rocking them here: the look just comes off nasty and outdated. I mean, lavender jeans tucked into big old biker boots!? You know that shit is not cool.

And to make matters worse, Will couldn't even put some Palmer's cocoa butter on them dry hands. It's difficult to tell from how small this picture is. But believe me when I say them hands is as dry as the pavement he's standing on.


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