BoA to push out another piece of shit in September

BoA to re-release her English language debut in September
BoA will be re-releasing her album in September. I have no idea why. It's a complete waste of time if you ask me.

BoA confirmed that the new album will feature additional tracks - including more studio time with Sean Garrett (because "I did it for love" and "Energetic" were SO good and did so well on the charts) and Flo-rida (because he sounded so amazing on the "Eat you up" remix too). I'd bank money on the album featuring a disc with all her dusty videos on it too.

I always find it stupid when albums get re-released when the original issue hasn't even been exploited and pushed enough. I know I go on about 'em: but "Did ya" and "Obsessed" really should've been singles as they have such a mass appeal, and BoA's English is good on them too. I was listening to her album last week and even "Dress off" has potential. BoA's English language debut was a piece of shit. But even shit can spawn gold an dplatinum if you promote it hard enough and pick the right singles, something which SM entertainment just have not done.

BoA will also be featuring on The prince of darkness' "Beautiful" for the Japanese release of his album Freedom, which should be interesting. The 2 had met last year, and clearly The prince of darkness was smitten with her. Between BoA and Akon on the same song, it's a recipe for a rape assault on the ears. I'll give her a chance to win me over with it though. Especially seeing as I thought Crystal Kay would sing her under a tram on "Girlfriend", yet the opposite happened.

There are also Internets rumblings that Timbaland may hook up with BoA. These are based on complete and utter rumours however, due to 2 fake track lists of his forthcoming album Timbaland presents Shock value 2 which have been floating around for some time. Nothing more. BoA hasn't mentioned working with Timbaland, and Timbaland hasn't said a thing. He probabaly doesn't even know who she is! I'd say shoot this shit down and wait until we get something concrete. It would be cool if it happened though. Although there are a bunch of other chicks in the J-music game I'd rather Timbaland work with. Namely Hikaru Utada (again!), Namie Amuro and Crystal Kay.


  1. lmfao! I think BoA and Akon would do well on a track together, provided RedOne produced it and Lady Gaga wrote the hell out of the lyrics and did backup vocals that altered our perception of BoA's voice.

    As for this re-release... hmm, I haven't even gotten around to listening to the ORIGINAL album once in full. What I did hear ranged from "meh" to "meh-diocre".

  2. I have no idea either, I can see with 'Good Girl Gone Bad' and 'Spirit' - those were bestsellers. But BoA's debut english album? Unless her English has drastically improved since the release and she plans to re-record her vocals to make them sound less auto-tuned I don't see the point.
    Besides, shouldn't see pitch the album to Europe first? It may do better over here...

  3. Waste of time.

    What she needs to do is release a new Korean album.


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