Bonus material: Candice Nelson - Radar

Bonus material: Brandy - Right here (Departed) (Banana Joe's remix)
You may not necessarily know this woman's name, but I assure you you've heard songs she's written. Where do I start!? Bobby Valentino's "Anonymous", Ciara's "Like a boy", Timbaland & Keri Hilson's "The way I are", Britney Spears' "Radar", Usher's "Appetite", Jennifer Hudson's "Pocket book" - the list goes on.

Often when a song is submitted to an artist a demo singer will perform the song, so the artist can hear how the song will sound with a vocal and use it as a template when they record their version. This is how this demo "Radar" came about. The cool thing with this song however is that a great deal of Candice's vocals made their way into the final version of the song. Great deal is actually an understatement: Candice is all over the final version. Listen to the demo and then the finalized version, and you'll realize just how much of the vocals are actually Candice's and not Britney's.

Listen: Radar (Demo version)

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It's stupid to compare the two versions given Candice's cut was of course a demo always intended for Britney, and Britney did suit the song down to a tee. She can barely sing, but she has a voice and that just suits "Radar". Even if she did sound like Stephen Hawkins on weed for most of it.


  1. Oh. That's a nice image of Candice.


  2. You got it yeah, Frederick?


  3. Thanks for this. Although the song sounds the same I like the 'urban' sound Candice's voice brings to it


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