"Brandy, you're fired!!!"

Brandy's bad situation
Brandy has reportedly been dropped by Epic. And ALREADY, after being signed to Jay-Z's Roc nation management company for not even a couple of months, she's parted from them too. This is not a good look. And this most definitely means Brandy won't be dropping an album this year. Even if she was with a record label she wouldn't have anyway. Brandy don't do anything less than a 2 year gap between albums.

Brandy twittered a message along the lines of some shit about how people shouldn't believe everything they hear, in what fans think is in regards to her being booted out the door by Epic. But I wouldn't be surprised if it genuinely turned out to be the case, or at the very least was on the cards. Human flopped...HARD! And Brandy's not as big a star as some other less talented bitches in the game right now. To many records labels I'd imagine she's pretty expendable. Today is all about selling power. Talent comes way down the list. It's tough out there. Unless you're a guaranteed money magnet who stays active and in the media like Beyoncé, Britney, Justin Timberlake and Usher - you're going to seriously struggle. And Brandy's had her last 3 albums under perform in the charts with huge several year gaps in between each one.

I say Brandy does what Mya did: sign with a label in Japan, release her album there and just see what happens. Fans would import her shit. (I know I would!) Plus, Japan has some producers that can do the damn thing as good if not better than US producers. My online buddy Frederick said Darkchild should sign her. But this is as bad as having no label. Ain't NOBODY that's signed to Darkchild ever gotten an album out. Just ask Rhona Bennett, Shamari Fears of Blaque and Natasha. You can find Shamari and Natasha at your nearest Wendy's drive thru window. Whilst Rhona can be found working night shifts on Monday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's at a Wal Mart store near you. And unless Brandy finds herself a label and put out a commercially successful album real soon, she'll soon be frosting rings at a Dunkin' donuts.

I really hope Brandy's situation sorts itself out. Because I love Brandy's music, and this is the last thing she needs after coming through the mess she went through last year.


  1. This is NOT A GOOD LOOK AT ALL!

  2. It's so irritating when ppl with talent have to go through crap like this. She's got to dig deep and make opportunities for herself. Nobody said it would be easy. And to think that tired-ass Britney Spears.....oh whatever. Hang in there Brandy.

  3. *lol* @ Beruda.

    I feel ya buddy. It's annoying. Especially given how it seemed Brandy was finally getting somewhere with her gigs, appearances, keeping fans informed in the twittersphere and recording her new album.

    As for Britney: we can all debate on her talent until the cows come home. But the line that gets drawn underneath it all is that she sell records. Whether her albums are good, bad or she's melting down in the public eye - Britney sells records, concert tickets and magazines. She just has that 'it' factor that keeps the masses wanting to buy into her. Brandy doesn't. And what makes it worse for Brandy is that her star power has waned seriously since Never say never. It is a shame. But it's a reminder to us all that singing talent isn't always enough to sell. Kiley Dean always comes to mind in situations like these.

    I really do hope that Brandy manages to sort whatever mess she's in regarding her record label. It'd be a shame (and a waste) for her to just fall off completely and drift into limbo.

  4. Thanks for the shout out, ma dude!

    I can't hate on Amanda Ghost for making the decision to boot Brandy, since I like Amanda's work. But, I like Brandy's work better, and when she was freelancing with Maximum Risk her material was better than whatever was on the Human album. Aside from a few tracks, I never really connected with Human. Whichever way you put it I've still got a few Brandy albums and alternatives to listen to.

    She wasn't blacklisted or anything... so I'm pretty sure she's gonna shop around for a deal, because she sure as hell ain't finding no work in acting anymore. Even VH1 and Tyler Perry won't touch that. Koch Records might, but only after Ray J sent some of his hoes and Hemi's over to Jim Jones, and then begged a n***a.

  5. Human was an album I had to listen to A LOT before it made a dent on me. As much as I like the album, it's the Brandy album I play the least. I was on Full moon and Afrodisiac day-in-day-out when they first dropped, and songs from those albums stay getting plays outta me today. But Human...not so much.

    I've said many a time than the songs that leaked from the Human sessions are better than what made the album. "Love me the most", "Bring it back", "Back and forth", "Freedom", "One thing" - ALL fire. I play these more than any of the songs on Human; the only exception being "Warm it up (with love)".

  6. Wow, Ya'll really know what you're talking about, cause I feel the exact same way

    --> J, u Nknow I stan for branbran ;-)

    Totally agree about Human, cause I dont listen to it that much. Even some songs that leaked BEFORE human were BETTER then some of those that make the album (Go listen to the compilation that J did once for unreleased Brandy tracks, You'll see what I mean).


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