Britney's debut performance of "Mannequin" on tour

I bet a mannequin on stage would have better moves and more energy than Britney had. The whole thing was boring, it was disengaging, and dry. The moves look like they were choreographed 10 minute before the shit started. Britney couldn't even be bothered to put on an actual stage outfit, and neither could her dancers. She didn't even do the routine she did in a rehearsal last year. That shit actually looked good and Britney was moving like she some-what cared. It's a shame a song so hot got reduced to 4 minutes of stale choreography and zero energy.

I always wondered why "Mannequin" wasn't a part of the set list from the start. It's a song many loved from the Circus album, and it's guaranteed to get the crowd moving. It's a good thing they kept the sound the same as the album version. Especially after they went and butchered "I'm a slave 4 u". That shit did NOT need any remixing. Shit ain't the same without The Neptunes' hot production setting it off. And it's not like Britney's dancing leaves much to be desired in its abscence.

I was lobbying for "Mannequin" to be a single the first time I heard it. It's the song I play off of Circus the most. But then I thought about what the video would look like...and I kinda changed my mind. "Mannequin" would need to have the hottest dance routine, and Britney would have to move how she did pre-Federline and break down. None of this half arsed, lazy looking shit she pulls on the tour.


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