The Brown eyed girls swag it on Inkigayo

I don't like "Candy man", and thought the performance was pretty dusty. But the girls turned it on for "Abracadabra". All the girls' swag was on point except for J.A. She just seems like dead weight on stage. She can't dance and has nothing to her. There's always one in a group isn't there!?

Korean acts more often than not always manage to turn it on for their live performances. Even if the artists themselves are whack, the sets always have so much razzle-dazzle (yes, I said it!) going on that it often masks the whiff of doo-doo. Not completely, but just enough. Especially when they go the route with recreating the music video, as The Brown eyed girls did brilliantly in this performance. It's a shame Miryo didn't rock those lit up glasses in the music video. They looked super fly. I noticed how the routine during the breakdown section got toned RIGHT down though. No Ga-in titty caressing or booties poking out.

"Abracadabra" is a chooooooooon!

Watch 'em go...go!: The Brown eyed girls "Abracadabra" music video


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