Chris "Take you down" Brown says he's sorry

He may as well have not bothered apologizing as far as I'm concerned. Because it don't fix shit. He didn't accidental hit somebody's car or step on somebody's foot in a Birkenstock. He beat up a woman, and "I'm thowwwy!!" just won't cut it. This didn't even seem sincere to me. It seemed scripted, and like he was about to go hit a Nobu and kick it with his boys and a couple of groupies with no regards for their safety straight afterwards. He could've at least shot this on a web cam in a hotel room, looked like shit and desaturated the video to make it look home made and spur of the moment.

There was a time I thought Chris' career would be over. But it's honestly looking like it'll be business as usual. I won't front. If Chris puts out a song I like, I'll check for it. Music, is music - and if it's good I'll roll with it. But I won't be supporting him. Any music Chris Brown puts out will get strictly downloaded. I've never thought his music was good enough to warrant my money anyway, and I've never been hot on Chris Brown from the beginning: so shit ain't changing in my camp concerning him and his music. He's still the lisping ass n***a that can dance good and put out the odd good song.


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