Crystal and Kaname in another coffee ad

This advert is rubbish, and I still am not in love with the song. But Crystal looks nice, whilst Kaname stays looking like he'll keep hitting sun beds until the skin Cancer kicks in.

I guess it's promotion for Crystal if nothing else. Although I have no idea how often this airs in Japan. It doesn't make me wanna go a grab cup of Tully's coffee though. I don't even remember seeing that shit when I was in Japan. Most of the coffee I saw was Suntory and Boss.

I'm not even waiting on the music video for "After love -First boyfriend-", because I know it's going to be dusty. I love Crystal, but she does some whack music videos.

The other one: Another version of Crystal and Kaname's Tully's coffee ad


  1. Most commercials in the USA are at least 30 seconds long. This one barely gets its point across! It stinks when you're more interested in the song than the product.

    At least they didn't alter Kuri's skin tone like in some of her more recent promo shots and album covers. Yeah, I'm talking about Color change. Goodness knows she ain't that pale.


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