Crystal and Kaname's first performance of "After love -First boyfriend-"

I think this song is as dry as a prawn cracker. But this performance was nice. Both Crystal and Kaname sounded great, and didn't put a note wrong. You also got a small hint of chemistry between the two in this performance that you don't really sense when you're just listening to the song. Kaname was singing every single word of the song and getting right into it. And Crystal was as cute as a button.

If I could've had my way, I never would've let Crystal record this shit. But seeing as she has, it is a shame her and Kaname didn't do more with song vocally. Their voices sound pretty nice together, and Kaname was chiming in with notes that had him sounding like Crystal. You'd swear it was her singing odd words if you weren't watching him open his mouth to sing them.

If Epic and Sony actually promote this girl, then she'll probably end up doing rounds on Music station and Hey! Hey! Hey! Music champ to push the single and her upcoming album. But Epic stay being punks when it comes to promoting Crystal. Their idea of promoting her is having her do a live performance of her brand new song in front of 5 people in a room that was up on her official website for all of 5 minutes for fans to watch, and then putting her in a coffee advert.


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