Crystal's "Over and over" in a TV commercial

They just threw "Over and over" in that advert like it was nothing!

With Crystal being the artist in the song, and M-Flo having worked on it, it would've been cooler if Crystal was shown singing in her living room, with DJ Taku and Verbal kickin' it on the laptop in the studio crafting the music. But I guess FLET's wanted to show how broadband allows regular folk to do cool stuff with the Internets.

I want this song, CD quality...NOW!! I hate how Crystal's people are prick teasing with this song. I'm pissed it isn't being made a single. It would've acted as such a hot Summer A-side to "Girlfriend" instead of that "After love" rubbish. "Over and over" is all I have time for until Crystal drops more hotness on me. Because "Girlfriend" ain't doing shit for me neither.

Here's an interesting tid bit for you Kuri fans that relate a little to this FLETS advert. Crystal Kay's all English song "It's a crime" which featured on her album Color change! was produced by Bloodshy, Avant and Henrick Jonback. But Crystal never actually got to meet them! The whole song was done back and forth via iChat. Not a complete shock, given this is a regular thing in the music game. But still interesting!


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