Hikaru sexes souls with her eyes in Cut magazine

Hikaru with the eyes that can sex my soul any day of the week, day or and night.
I'd pound Hikaru like a Harvester steak with how she be looking right here. There's a slew of other shots of her from this magazine, but they all look the same. Same facial expression, different angle and hand positioning. I highlighted the cover because it's my fave of the bunch and just shows why Hikaru takes a damn good picture.

She looks stunning on this magazine cover. Flawless! She may not be every one's cup of tea. But I think she's a right stunner. She's got such sexy eyes, perfect skin, and doesn't need much to look good in a photo. And a quality about her that I LOVE about Hikaru in pictures, is that she always has some spark in her eyes in every shot. Like there's something going on behind them and she's f**king you with her eyes. Unlike Ayumi Hamasaki who always looks vapid, vacant and like an empty vessel in every picture she shoots.

Thanks to lilithdarkstorm for the heads up on this photo shoot.

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  1. HOT! Utada is so fine in these kind of pictures. She doesn't even really have to try.

    The only thing sexier than her eyes is her English speaking voice.

  2. Glad you liked them! It's too bad she doesn't appear like this in any magazines round our area!
    I do think she's pretty; she has nice, soft features and doesn't need to be caked with make up to look it.


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