H.J Freaks give "Gee" a make over

Don't ask how the hell I came across this. I'd rather not say. What I will say, is just be thankful you can't see the person's face in this performance. It'd only freak you out and make you feel uncomfortable.

Forget "Genie". I'm back on "Gee" again thanks to this rendition. AWESOME! The electric guitar and the bass just give the song a whole new edge. Taking the cuteness, groping its titty and throwing some dirt in its face. I love this. "Genie" just took itself a back seat. SM entertainment need to be hopping on this.

First Boys' generation go and perform the song better than the girls, and now a dude jumps up and down on a be din a skirt and laces the song with hot guitars and bass that have me forgetting about the original!

Feast your eyes: Watch the SNSD-bots step to the original


  1. Wow. I like the rhythm the guitars provide!

  2. I <3 electric guitar, but CHRIST ON A BIKE THAT MAN IS TERRIFYING.

    I'd rather not know where you found this.

  3. It the maid dude isn't it?
    Who would of thought he would play a mean bass.


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