Michael Jackson's memorial

The king of pop
Needless to say I'm sure many of you reading this had watched this as it aired live on TV, or have YouTube'd bits of it. I couldn't watch the whole thing all the way through when it aired, because I really don't like watching these kinds of things. Not only because it would've gotten my down, but I get so restless. I'm that dude that fidgets and wants to leave a cinema after 45 minutes. I can't watching things for too long. Thanks to the wonders of YouTube and the like, I could digest the memorial in small bite sized pieces. After the jump is a selection of moments and highlights from the service.

Michael takes to the stage one last time

DAMN! That ex-n***a got one fly ass coffin. I wanna be put in one of those when I die. Only I want mine to be platinum. I'd like to also be cremated in said coffin. Let that shit burn, just to send out the message that money ain't a thang to me. (Even though it is. Especially now. I'm SO broke). Seriously though, that was a nice ass coffin. I know Michael was stylin' and profiling inside of it, and that his weave game was CORRECT! You just know the Jackson family pulled out all the stops for Michael's final weave game. There were probably Rhinestones and glitter in it and everything.

Reverend Al Sharpton's eulogy

The "There was nothing weird about yo' Daddy!" line had me laughing. It was just the way he said it. This white girl at work keeps doing an impression of it and making me laugh every time she does. So every time I hear it, I just think of her and burst out laughing. Michael couldn't have asked for nicer words to have been spoken about him.

Mariah Carey & Trey Lorenz's performance: I'll be there

Could you hear that wierd knocking noise during her performances!? That was Michael turnin' in his coffin as Mariah butchered he and his brothers' classic song. It's almost hard to believe she sang the hell out of "I'll be there" 15 years ago when she first covered it as a single. Shit was so bad that I was consumed with thoughts of how bad a job she was doing with the song instead of "Oh...my...God....That's Michael's coffin!" Her voice seems to get worse and worse. She should've just had the sound engineers turn on the auto-tune, or not bothered. The Jackson 5 (the 4 brothers in the seat and Michael in the coffin) were sat with faces that just said "This bitch is ruining our song...". She needs to be thanking Trey Lorenz for saving her. He made this performance tolerable and hit all the right notes Mariah couldn't. Mariah knows she sounded like she, because she Twittered straight after about how iffy she sounded. The thought was there though. And I give Mariah props for covering up the titties. Well...as covered up as Mariah can get in a dress these days.

She best come hard with her Memoirs of an imperfect angel album to make me forget about this mess performance she gave.

Jennifer Hudson's performance: Will you be there

I'm sick of "Will you be there" because my mum used to play it NON-stop when I was younger. I'm talking, every Saturday on repeat for hours at a time. It did my head in. But personal feelings toward the song aside, Jennifer sounded good. A little too powerful to start off with. But she sounded good. Jennifer is one of the few stars on that stage who can honestly say to the Jackson's that she knows how they feel; having lost her brother and her mother earlier this year.

Although it's hard to tell, Jennifer Hudson was pregnant when she performed this. I won't make jokes about Jennifer Hudson and Free willy.

Brooke Shields recalls her time with Michael

Some may wonder "What the hell she have to do with Michael!?" But she famously attended the Grammy's as Michael's date. Something which set the media alight amidst rumours that Michael was gay and liked sex with monkeys. I had no idea the two of them were so close. Sometime we forget that out of the spotlight, Michael lived lived as a normal human being. Well...as normal a life as one can live given Michael's circumstances. It's clear Brooke had a lot of love for Michael. Although at times it felt like she was just acting on that stage instead of being entirely genuine.

Usher's performance: Gone too soon

This song could not have been more fitting. Usher sounded good. It's difficult to know whether his on stage reactions were genuine or acted. Something about him on stage seemed a bit too controlled and scripted. But he did a nice job. I would love to hear Ne-Yo do this song instead, because I know he would've nailed it perfectly.

Kobe Bryant & Earvin Johnson remember Michael

Shit. I forgot Magic Johnson was in the "Remember the time" video! I need to rip that song and put it on the iPod, because I also forgot how much of a tune that was. The Dangerous album is an album I often overlook despite it being really good, and the Michael Jackson album I've heard the most. My uncle used to come to my house and play it non-stop. I don't know why he couldn't keep his ass at home and listen to it there. But he used to come into the house and just play it from start to finish with numerous repeats. Doing the running man to every damn song except "Will you be there" and "Keep the faith".

I had no idea Magic was so tight with the Jackson clique. I guess Michael was going through a Basketball phase at the time; between his friendship with Magic and his "Jam" video. Magic's words were really nice. The KFC story had me laughing, and it was great to see the Jackson's laughing and smiling too.

If Kobe took a date, I hope she's okay and was escorted home in a marked car.

Jermaine Jackson's performance: Smile

How much DAX did that n***a have in his HAIR!? Jesus christ. Did he not learn from Michael not to hit a stage with that much pomade on the head top in case a rogue spark sets it alight!?

It was nice to hear Jermaine sing. It was eerie, because even though he has a different tone to his voice than Michael, the way he pronounces words and certain inflections were exactly the same. I'm surprised Jermaine didn't crack sooner. I thought he'd collapse into a fit of tears 3 words into the song. I don't think I would've been able to have done what Jermaine did without bursting into tears. All you would've heard through the microphone would've been snorts, coughs and sniffs.

John Mayer's performance: Human nature

This was my favourite performance of the lot. His performance on his guitar said more than words could. Great stuff. I was much more moved by this performance than I thought I could be. "Human nature" is one of my favourite Michael Jackson songs, and one of my fave songs PERIOD. So I loved that John gave a cool and unique rendition of it. Hopefully some whiz out there will mix Michael's A Capella over this version. I'd love to hear it.

Stevie Wonder's performance

Stevie's voice always gives me chills. I go cold everytime I watch and listen to this. Beautifully amazing. Ain't no other words for it. Stevie still has it, even now. His performance was stunning.

Jermaine and Marlon give thanks and remember their brother

Marlon's speech was really nice because it made everybody smile and showed an insight into Michael's humour, his goofiness, the love his brother had for him, and just how much normality he didn't have. It also gave his passing some clarity, in that he'll finally get left alone from all the prying into his personal life. Lovely speech. It hit all the right notes.

On a completely different tip Janet Jackson was STYLIN'. Hot damn. She was killing me (bad choice of words, I know) in that dress, that hat and them shades. She was looking like a presidents wife and a family Matriach on that stage.

Paris Jackson speaks...

My heart broke before Paris said a word, because I knew what was coming. Plus, this was realization for EVERYBODY who lost the most with Michael's passing. Forget the loss to the music game, and the tour, and the star power. 3 children lost their father. Speculation about whether those kids are Michael's biological children or not (they ain't. They as much his biological kids as Michael's skin has been black for the past decade). But Michael raised those kids, loved those kids and gave his children the love and time he never got from his own growing up. Blood doesn't make a father, his actions do. And that makes Michael their father every which way. I just hope Joe and Katharine raise those children right, and they don't f**k them up how they f**ked up Michael.

It's ironic and both sad in that despite the circus of not only Michael, but the Jackson's lives, that things plateaued upon Michael's passing. And that in Michael's passing he finds the peace he always wanted. As well as his family exuding normality and plain human emotions in public, that for years we thought they never had nor showed. The Jacksons roll DEEP and it was nice to see them take a united stand of such solidarity, and for the brothers in particular to have worn their hearts on their sleeves was incredibly courageous of them. I was really wanting Janet to give a speech or to perform "Together again", but I guess she was too cut up.

Michael left too much of a legacy and an imprint to ever truly die. Legends don't just die. They leave us, and in their wake leave a lifetime full of memories and open doors for us to be thankful for and cherish until our hearts see fit. Michael was no saint, and I'm sure there are many who find it difficult to praise the guy and mourn his death due to his child allegation charges. And that despite his declarations of being a proud black man, that he did what he did to his skin (I don't believe he had vitiligo) and had white kids. But strip all that aside and you have an amazing talent who is worth remembering and whose music and contributions to music were nothing short of amazing, and you can't take that away from him or dispute that.

Now no more dwelling on this shit. It's getting tired. Let's just love and uphold Michael's music as we always have. That's the best tribute we can give to him. No more, and no less.


  1. It was a little bit too long, and kinda overdramatic at times, I hate to say. But there were some genuinely touching moments there, and some great performances.

    Also, you know I love me some Jennifer Hudson, but I'm one of the few who did NOT think she did a good job on that song. It just sounded off.

  2. I agree, Junlee; a lot of the performances were off. JHud, that little boy from Britain's Got Talent, most definitely Mariah (ooh lawd). But, overall I appreciated the memorial and found it fitting for a man with his legacy. Brooke Shields finally made me feel something, as I'd been numb about his death from the beginning, and then little Paris nearly had me crying. Shit is sad.

    And you're right: Human Nature is awesome. I'm half in love with John Mayer to begin with, so I'm really glad he did that song to tribute. Great job. Crystal Kay did an awesome job with her cover as well. And I think those two people alone singing that song is a testament to his impact on pop music.

  3. C'mon now. This was always going to be a long ass memorial. It's Michael Jackson! I had no idea how long it was until I started scouring for videos, 'cause like I said: I didn't watch the whole thing and omitted LOADS of videos from this post that I still haven't watched, and doubt I will now. I think I was playing Resident evil 5 whilst it was on.

    Jennifer sounded good to me. Not great, just good. The only thing 'off' with the performance was that her voice was too powerful. "Will you be there" starts off slow and quiet and then builds. She just ran her fat booty into that song belting from the word go. I think you're being harsh on her.

    Junlee, you need to go listen to that Mariah performance. *LOL* Jesus Christ...it was AWFUL!!!! I was sat with my hand over my mouth when she started to sing. It was terrible. She would've been better off mixing that shit into "Obsessed", cranking up the auto-tune and crippin' up and down the stage to save some face.

    The performances at the BET awards were better than some of the ones at the memorial though. Ne-yo's performance of "Lady in my life" alone shitted all over these memorial performances except for Stevie and John Mayer's. Jermaine gets a pass because that's his brother. I have Ne-Yo's shit on mp3 I love it so much. Dare I say it, I prefer Ne-Yo's version to Michael's...


  4. Oh believe me J, I've heard that "performance", and it was atrocious. Bitch tried to say sorry for the performance on her twitter by saying "she was choked up and couldn't do it right". She must have been "choked up" in all of her live performances in the past two years, because she's sounded awful on every single one, except maybe two.


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