Michael's stage face

Michael's last time on stage...
Alot of people are saying how wonderfully energetic Michael was in rehearsals and how he was on top form. But in every picture I've seen of him in rehearsals he looked anything but to me. It's a wonder he managed to do anything at all based on his autopsy results, which revealed he ate pretty much nothing and was ingesting nothing but pills.

A picture says a thousand words and tells a story, but is only one small part of a bigger story. What we're seeing is one captured moment into what seemed like hours, days and possibly years of depression leading up to Michael Jackson's untimely death. Nobody was expecting Michael to have it like he did back in 1988 for his This is it tour. But can't nobody tell me dude looks healthy in these rehearsal pictures that have surfaced. It's easy right now for people say "See! Dude had it. He looks great!". But he clearly didn't, otherwise he wouldn't have been on all the medication he was on. His skin is bordering on a pale yellow and he looks super gaunt than normal and frail. Event organizers never should've let the tour go ahead in the first place. He was never in a position to do a 50 date tour. This may not be what some of you fans wanna hear. But I have to be real about this situation.

Michael's death is the worst, because it could've been avoided if somebody actually stepped up and got him to seek help. There were enough people in his inner circle who knew about his addiction to prescribed drugs to the point they could've helped him. But I guess the doctors prescribing his 'medication' saw nothing but dollar signs.

It's a shame that once again the circus of Michael's life is completely eclipsing the music. But in a lighter note and an ultimate gesture by fans and music lovers alike: Michael's music is dominating charts worldwide. Michael's music is accounting for half of the songs in the iTunes top 100 chart.


  1. I've heard that those autopsy results were fake. Unless that just came out today and I haven't seen it yet.

    And while it was really cool to see those pictures of him on stage, I have to agree. He did look thinner than normal, although he's been thin he's entire life. He looks especially thin in the picture with the white fedora. Looked like "Smooth Criminal" attire.

    I would love to see some video that comes out of these rehearsals to see how he looked performing, even if it was just rehearsal.


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