Music video: Beyoncé - Sweet dreams

Those special effects looked CHEAP! The scene of the Beyondroid in the desert was a joke. The director may as well have had her dance in front of a giant JPEG of a desert. It would've looked more convincing. As with all of the Beyondroid's videos, the only constant and consistent thing was that she looked nice. Everything else was a joke to me. This video would've looked much better if it was shot on actual sets instead of relying on green screens for everything. This is probably the Beyonrdois's most expensive video from I am... Sasha Fierce, but it looked the cheapest because of how bad the special effects and editing was. She ain't never coming better than "Single ladies". That music video is already a part of pop culture history and has hit iconic status.

I'm not in love with "Sweet dreams". I find the song boring. "Radio" would've been a much better single to have gone with. It's that big, fun, club ready single that would've helped push more units of her album. As well as contend with other artists electro pop joints.


  1. I could not have said it better myself J.


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