Music video: BoA - Energetic

BoA looks smokin' hot as she always does. Looking hot is the only thing BoA is consistent with. But everything else was just dry. I won't be in any rush to watch this shit again. At least this didn't feature Sean Garrett though. That dude does NOT have a face for TV. You'd think he would've made an appearance though, and that the song would go rounds as 'BoA featuring Sean Garrett' seeing as he features on the song as much as she does.

The video had the edginess of "I did it for love"'s music video and the stupid try'na-be-hip-but-failing dance steps of "Eat you up". It's a shame, because with a hot video and a bit of a push in the way of promotion, "Energetic" could've done pretty well as a single. The song is garbage, but its marketable garbage; and has just enough going on for it that radio and clubs would give it air time.

Watch 'em all: I did it for love | Eat you up version A and B
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  1. That was music? Sorry but it was just a collection fo blips to me but hay, each to their own :-)

    That music video did come around much quicker that 'I Did it for Love' though. According to this interview ( it seems like there might be a repackage of her English album in September?...Ok...maybe if it sold millions but it didn't do THAT well did it?

  2. I like... this song. lol Sean Garrett's the man, though; all of his songs have a strange way of growing on me. Can't lie that he looked like Juggernaut in the "Break Up" video, though.

    BoA, not so much. Her voice leaves something to be desired. She and Se7en are going to have a hard time making an impact anywhere other than Asian communities here in the USA.


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