Music video: Britney Spears - Radar

"Radar" is a chooooon! But it should've been a single long ago. A good song, is a good song. But I was always funny about a Blackout track being tagged onto Circus as a bonus track. Now they go and release it as a single, and a fourth one at that. This should've been a double A-side with a Circus exclusive track if Jive really wanted to put the song out there. It's not like Circus has no more single worthy tracks left. "Kill the lights", "Mannequin", "Unusual you", "Blur" - come on now Jive!!

If Jive are in the mood to milk Blackout, they should go and re-release "Gimme more", and have Britney shoot a video in which she looks hot and is doing more than holding onto a pole and looking wasted and spaced out.

I don't think "Radar" will blow up, even though it has the potential to. Britney's touring: so she can't actively promote it. The song is old: it leaked early, was set to be a single then got forgotten about, plus it featured on Britney's last studio album that I thought Jive were trying to draw a line under. And then of course you have the music video which is so rubbish that Britney may as well have not bothered to shoot one. It's worse than "Gimme more" and "Piece of me". At least those shits was so bad that they made you wanna watch 'em over and over - just so you can see how bad Britney was falling off.

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