Music video: Calvin Harris - Ready for the weekend

Weird video. Makes absolutely no sense and has nothing to do with the song. But that's Calvin Harris' music videos all over. The editing was cool though. I always think "Shit. That must've been a bitch to edit!" when I see these crazy Michel Gondry-esque music videos.

As much as I moan about living in London, I do have moments where I like the city and feel proud to live within it. The opening shot of Calvin is in the heart of London. Right near the Millennium eye, by what looks like Jubilee gardens.

"Ready for the weekend" has to be one of Calvin's most conventional songs since "The girls". It has verses, B-sections and everything! I don't think I've heard Calvin sing so much and put anything into his vocal production before, so this is cool and kinda new for him. I love this song. I'm torn about the chorus. One one hand, its catchy and would go right in a club. But one the other hand its so generic, predictable and kinda kills the quirky bounce. Still a great song though. I really man looking forward to his new album.

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