Music video: Mario featuring Sean Garrett & Gucci Mane - Break up

Gucci Man and Sean Garrett need to refrain from having camera's so close to their faces in music videos. Gucci mane's lips look like burnt chicken fingers and Sean Garrett looks like Donkey Kong in a new era cap.

I hate this song. I feel the same way about it now as I did when I first heard it. And the video didn't do much else for me to like it. This was your typical n***a ass video. Close up shots of Nuvo, a white Bentley rolling through a street in slow mo, n***a's prancing about in front of a camera mid shot in caps, some ugly grills, a couple of RichGirl's and a nice looking pad. Yawn, yawn, yawn!

Rubbish video. Rubbish song. Mario should be aiming higher than this shit. All the hot songs of his that have been leaking over the past 12 months and he goes with "Break up" as a lead single.


  1. I thought Sean Garrett looked like the Juggernaut (should have saved that one for this post only lol). But, this video was terrible. With that said, Mario has an amazing repertoire of unreleased songs that had better not go to waste on his album. I don't want this song on the album, to be honest. It doesn't reflect the Mario that I've become familiar with.

    The same thing goes with Trey Songz. I hate when the hood comes out of them, because then it's just a bad look for rhythm and blues. When they stick to the formula, the results are great. Trey's last album and the pre-album Anticipation are good reflections of this, as is Mario's bootleg album Main Attraction, which is the basis for my ire for (or is it "of"?) "Break Up".


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