Music video: Son Dam Bi & After school - Amoled

I like this song. I feel dirty, because I be all over these electro pop tracks that sound the same and have nothing but auto-tuned vocals like flies on shit. They're like my guilty pleasures.

Son Dam Bi would make a cool addition to After school as a fully fledged member and leader if she wasn't so cute. After school are like Korea's answer to The Pussycat dolls. But as hot as Son Dambi is, she's far from edgy. I don't think she'd be willing to ho herself up like the After school girls any time soon. She has more of a spark and attractive quality to her when she's with After school than when she's on her own though. I guess it's because she knows she has to up her game, as there are 6 other bitches who will outshine her if she don't. It's good to see her work some swagger though, because she had next to zero in her music video for "On a Saturday night".

Considering this is just some throw away shit for a cell phone, "Amoled" got itself a pretty hot song and a music video. 2NE1 got jacked a little though. I swear one of the After school chicks thinks she's CL in the space video for "Fire".

Samsung sure know how to pick the songs and treat a hot music video. They brought the hotness with Jang Geun Suk's "Touch holic" too.


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