Music videos: Kumi Koda - Ecstasy & Hashire!

Both of these videos are business as usual for our resident J-Pop ho.

"Ecstacy"'s video is that over sexed video Kumi does so well. It's not her best. It's pretty boring, and also pretty tame for Kumi if truth be told. But she does enough, and wears few enough clothes that guys (and girls who like it) can ogle over her as she vamps it up. Dudes can use their imaginations (not that they're required) as to what sticky substance Kumi is writing around in, and channel their inner otaku at Kumi dancing around looking like Psylocke from X-Men.

"Hashire!"'s video is a fun, bright, colourful, playful video. The song isn't my cup of brew. But the video makes it more much tolerable and likeable. The dancing is pretty rubbish and Kumi prances about and looks too happy to the point you wanna vomit all up in her braids and throw the basketball in her face. But it is a nice video, and Kumi looks hot. Very much in the same vein as "Lick me", only with more body on show.

Watch Kumi smut it up an ice cream parlour: "Lick me" music video
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  1. Two great videos. Neither really rock my world, but both are great.

    A thought though: what does her real hair look like? I don't think I've ever seen her with a normal hair do; She changes weaves like a black girl!

  2. Her real hair is the short-do she sports in the "Hashire!" video.

  3. I love Koda Kumi`s Ecstasy video.

    By the way, I`m using the internet in a hotel in Matsuyama.

  4. luv all 3 but ecstacy is my fave and well done kumi for getting the cut out outfit befor shakira! lol
    trust her to pour that ????? over herself lol


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