The cold looking, but cute 'n sexy Namie Amuro is the new face of McDonald's Quarter pounder. Hardly the sexiest or slickest thing to be associated with, but hey: a girl's gotta get paid. We are in a damn recession and this is an easy way for some Yen to get made. And nab some free McDonald's in the process. Home girl has got a kid to feed.

There was a time I used to wonder why Japanese celebrities would endorse some of the stuff they do. Silly random stuff like a chewing gum or in this case a Quarter pounder. But after going to Japan, I stopped wondering. Celebrity endorsement is HUGE over there. It's what helps shit fly off of the shelves. You'd be hard pressed to find an advert for a product in Japan that isn't tied to a Japanese celebrity. Everything from heated toilet seats to a soft drink has a face on it.

This advert starring Namie Amuro doesn't make much sense to me, but it's a cool advert. Watching Namie head butt Namie and fight it out Virtua Fighter 1 style couldn't fail really. We've had a big old tour, a Coca-Cola endorsement deal, a couple of singles, a couple of photo books and now a McDonald's endorsement deal. When the hell is this new album dropping!!!

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  1. I thought it was funny with the Tekken part (it looks like it too me)especially playing against herself.

    CM's are weird these days. What does boxing/Tekken fighting have to do with Mcadees' Quarter Pounders.


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