The queen of pop's nasty pop art album cover

Madonna's fugged out album cover for her greatest hits collection 'Celebration'
This cover sucks more than Madonna on a glass bottle. We can all see what the art director tried to do here: Andy Warhol it up and go all pop art on our arses. But it looks awful. It doesn't capture that edge or iconic status of Madonna, even though it's an old image of her. Bitch's face looks lifeless. Madonna might as well have shot a cover with how she looks now.

This greatest hits compilation marks Madonna's last release with Warner bros. Doesn't mean Madonna's done yet though. Hell no! Even when Madonna's dead, she'll find a way to open her legs and rattle her bones on stage to dance tracks in a bid to show us she'll still 'hip' and with it.

I won't be copping Celebration. I own The Immaculate collection - which is all the Madonna you need really. The classics with none of her vacant newer material, post birth of Lourdes and mission to collect black babies.


  1. It's all about being eye catching. People are gonna see it and either go "Daaaamn, that looks cool." OR they're gonna see it and go "Daaaaamn....bitch is ugly."


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