The SNSD-bots perform "Tell me your wish (Genie)" at SBS Inkigayo

This performance was like a fresh piece of shit. Hot, but stank. The girls looked hot, but the vocals were iffy and the dancing was messy. Nothing about the routine looked clean. Hyoyeon, you can't dance and your solo looked like you were having an epileptic fit. And Tiffany, I saw you f**k up and fall behind with the dance step at 1:52.

SM entertainment need to let these girls rest and enforce some eating regime on 'em. They looked tired and there were 6 too many skinny legs on that stage. It was like watching bones rattle. Seoyoung seriously needs to hit up at KFC and go head first into a Family value meal. Her legs look like they're about to snap every time she does that freak leg dance thingy.


  1. Yeah, but not only does Sooyoung need to hit KFC, Burger King, Subway and Mcdonalds, but all of them.

    I hate looking at K-Pop stars always being so skinny especially girls. Only SeoHyun the youngest only ceases to keep up good impressions of the group.

    What happened to songs like "Into the New World" and personally they need to figure whether or not they want to do mature songs or cute songs like Gee.


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