The SNSD-bots perform "Genie" (with added SHINee)

Whenever other people chime in on anything Girls generation related I always find it better and more interesting than if the SNSD-bots did it themselves. SHINee put in an appearance at one of their "Tell me your wish (Genie)" performances to add a lil' something. You may have been hard pressed to tell the different between the SNSD-bots and SHINee, but SHINee were the ones NOT wearing hot pants and turquoise heels. Having the bots interact with the dudes on stage gave them a bit of an age and it did them wonders. It all turned to shit as soon as they reverted back to the original song, the boys left the stage and the SNSD-bots proceeded with that tired ass routine though.

The girls look as drained as ever. Only half of them were filling out those outfits. Yoona looks like she's about to drop dead any day now, and Sooyoung still looks like she's on a size -2 diet. I hope these girls aren't being pressured into staying skinny, because the majority of the girls don't look good as skinny as they are. They need to go hit a Maccy D's like yesterday.


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