Tully pimp Crystal and Kaname for new coffee CM

It seems Crystal's single "After love -First boyfriend-" is doing rounds in coffee commercials. Tully's of course. (Who else?) This video's choppy. But there's not a great deal to watch anyway. So...

Crystal looks nice. Not feeling how ginger her hair was looking during the profile shots at the start. But she was looking hot. I didn't think they'd have Kaname in the add too though.

I bet this 15 second commercial ends up being better than the music video. Crystal has a habit of that. All of her Tully's commercials have had better concepts and feels about them than the music videos which materialized not long after. She just has a habit of doing really whack music videos.

Tully's coffee ad's never have shit to do with the song generally. I doubt Crystal even cares, just as long as she's getting paid. She must have some life-career contract with Tully's or something, because they've been pimpin' Crystal and her songs for years now. Kuri's gotta get that paper! It's not like her album sales and songwriting royalties are bringing in truck loads of yen...unfortunately.


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